RHINELANDTECH focus is on self-service solutions,

betting and gambling terminals, design and IT solutions.

Rhineland Incorporated (RHL) is a leading manufacturer of all kind of self-service kiosks, digital signage and betting terminals. RHL is a multinational company with offices based in China and Europe.

At RHL, we know that we are in competition with deeply competent players.  However, many struggle to produce on time whilst at the same time, deliver a quality product within reasonable financial limits.  At RHL, we have a large, stable production infrastructure and a wide range of highly competent personnel.

RHL have production facilities available to handle any demands.  We mass produce of all kinds of standard Kiosk solutions and custom-made hardware, which are designed in collaboration with our customers.  Our customer’s unique specifications are welcome challenges, which we see as a natural part of the kiosk industry.

RHL provides kiosk and smart intelligence solutions from concept development to end product. Our range of kiosk and terminals extend from “shelf products” to customized solutions in uniquely manufactured cabinets.

RHL strives to explore new areas where self-service solutions can become a prevalent and integral part of daily operations.

RHL aims to deliver high-quality kiosk and betting solutions, and we pride ourselves on fast, efficient implementation of any kiosk or betting solution our customers require.

In order to ensure constant delivery of quality products, we run a quality system based on DNV ISO9001 / ISO14001 / TS16949 / ISO13485 standards. Through our quality assurance, we have obtained 4 International Quality Management System Certifications.

“Ongoing development, precision and punctuality“
are all Keywords for RHL.


SIL and RHL are suppliers to international companies such as:



RHL collaborates with Sunstrong International Ltd (SIL)

A multinational company with branches in China, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and Singapore.

RHL has long recognized that most companies demand flexible total solutions.
Therefore, most of our cabinet can be easily customized to separate user options..

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

RHL can handle all challenges. Therefore, mass production of all types of cabinets, lockers, ect. Is a natural part of RHL’s daily work. We have the capacity to handle any kind of order. Due to the fact that we have flexible production facilities and changeable staff , we design, make prototype and mass production in a straight line without time waste. Shortly said: “Ongoing development, precision and punctuality” are all Keywords for RHL.

Full service provider of Kiosk & Gambling solutions,
from concept definition to final product delievery


Our manufacturers and their employees are specialized in management and project management from A to Z. This assures that material and processing always meet our customer’s criteria.

Tech Support

We always provide ongoing technical support. We are   ready to answer questions concerning (but not limited to); manuals, certifications, remote control, local support, ect.

We’re Here To Help You

Creating your next cabinet or locker is our key focus.