RHL-PSK: Is a free standing payment kiosk. The terminal can be used as a customer friendly payment option in both Malls, major supermarkets, post offices, and other business where payments of benefits are included. RHL-PSK permits the customer to shop and make payments directly via the touch screen.
offers RHL-PSK all kind of payment options, such as coin, note, credit-card and contactless payment.
In brief; it is user friendly and time saving. RHL-PSK is fitted with a large, clear 32 “screen, where commercials, customer information, guides, etc. can be displayed. RHL-PSK: Can be customized as needed. RHL-PSK: Comes as standard in stable powder coated stainless steel. Specifications:     W570mm, D600mm, H2130mm, 32” touch monitor, 19” touch monitor, coin acceptor, note acceptor, card reader, printer.