RHL offers a wide range of support options to make your kiosk or betting solution easy to get up and running and stay that way! If you have any questions or problems, let’s get it solved.

Technical staff qualified to service all parts and RHL Terminals.

Quality Control &
ISO standards

Quality products are the corner-stone of our company. To assure this, we established a quality system based on DNV ISO9001 / ISO14001 / TS16949 / ISO13485 standards.

Warranty &
RMA claims

Rhineland Incorporated offers a warranty on all parts for breakdown of warranty periods please refer to warranties section described in RHL terms and conditions.

Rhineland offers the most comprehensive service and support

Support & Service plan

Rhineland Incorporated  offers a full after sales service via its technical department, which can offer support by means of contact by email, or by telephone during normal office hours, addressed to our head of technical services. Our technical department can assist in the following primary functions via email, internet or phone.

  • Technical problem solving in case of hardware issues.
  • Technical updates in form of drivers that may have been updated by manufacturers.
  • Technical assistance, as liaison between client and sub suppliers, for hardware issues and warranty claims on parts RHL has delivered.
  • Technical assistance via Teamviewer to connect to a specific terminal, to assist in problem solving or updating. Note that client will be required to supply a data connection at the kiosk terminal point for this functionality to be realized.

The site support is based on either 3 or 5 year plan

Next day business service call out, between 9 am – 5 pm daily

Contact us for more information about a support and service plan.