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Betting & Gambling Kiosk Terminals

Betting & Gambling

Manufacture of Betting & Gambling terminals has been a key stone in Rhinalandtech’s product range from the start.
We have manufactured all types of terminals for use for gambling, betting, lottery and slot games for more than 10 years for 40+ countries word wide. We have extensive experience in adapting to local conditions and locations; casinos, betting shops, airports, etc. when we talk about design, payment methods, security
and above all, ease of use.

Rhinelandtech never compromises and has the individual customer involved throughout the entire production process from A to Z. This has given us great success within the gambling & betting industry, with both large and small providers. We know that the customer pays a lot of attention to aftersale service, as it can quickly become expensive if the terminals are out of order on a rare occasion. Therefore, it is essential for Rhinelandtech to locate and correct any errors and breakdowns of hardware as soon as we are made aware of the problem.


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