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RHL´s line of betting, gambling, various self-service, retail and banking terminals brings modern spectacular
designs suitable for any purpose alive, airport´s, etc. and of course Self-service terminals for Mall´s, Airport´s, retail and you name it.

Our selection of terminals can be modified for any purpose.
your demand is our challenge.


RHL Digital banking, self-direct banking, ATM & Interactive digital teller; The right solutions for your banking business.


RHL Self-checkout, mobile shopping & Retail kiosk´s gives you freedom and flexibility.

Betting & Gambling

RHL Betting & Gambling terminals; hardware solutions for any kind of betting and gambling.


Transform, connect and run your technology platform. Create Seamless Experiences.

Custom made Kiosk

RHL creates great customer experience from concept to completion.

Whether turnkey solutions ready for “plug and play”, standard terminals or highly specialized custom kiosk solutions, we work to create better experiences for our customers. We do this through our many years of experience, in cooperation with the individual customer, to create exactly their unique kiosk or betting solution. Together, we modify the various components until they conform your needs and budget.

Our technicians and engineers are thorough, professional and know exactly what our customers expect from us. Therefore, each product is followed by our team of employees from start to shipment.


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