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Retail Kiosk Terminals

Retail terminals

Rhinelandtech´s Retail kiosk´s offers solutions for all possible sales channels. We have very successfully manufactured self-service kiosks for all kinds of retail businesses, such as; Pharmacies, Telecom, supermarkets, restaurants, smaller businesses such as corner shops, “to Go” chippies and burger bars,
ticket sales, etc.

Rhinelandtech attach great importance to ease of use when we manufacture terminals for the individual customer, so that the users are presented with a modern, clear design. The size of the terminal is adapted to the customer’s wishes, we have made lots of different self-service kiosks for smaller businesses where
size is crucial.

Rhinalandtech have manufactured terminals where several users can be serviced at the same time for large supermarket chains, shopping malls, etc. Always with an eye to presentation and ease of use being the alpha & omega when the user stands in front of the terminal, the entire usage process must be easy, smooth and understandable for everyone.


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