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Rhinelandtech Factory, Staff, and abroad workstations


Rhinelandtech´s is in the heart of one of the world’s largest industrial areas, Dongguan City in Guangdong Province. When visiting, there are direct flights to Shenzhen(neighbor City to Dongguan City), or via Hong Kong, from there about an hour by train or we arrange pick up.
We also have workstations in Hong Kong, The European Union, Japan, and Singapore, where it´s always possible to get in touch with both local and English-speaking staff by phone or visit.


We have 1100 dedicated employees who are continuously further trained in their specialty. At Rhinelandtech, we believe that our employees perform best under the best given working conditions. Therefore, we continuously ensure that safety and working environment are satisfactory in all departments. We take pride in the fact that everyone looks forward to getting to job in the morning and is satisfied with their performance and the day’s experience when they return home.

Machine park

Our entire machine park is state-of-the-art and handle the entire production line: Design, drawings, casting, stamping, sheet metal and surface treatment. Our production apparatus is scaled to handle multiple mass productions at the same time and of course, we continuously fabricate smaller orders of tailor-made solutions for customers worldwide.


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