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Production and development

Lean development line

We take a pride in involving our customers in the progress of our development. We run a strict but lean approach to production were your needs are our top priority.

Our development line is as follows:


Design Custom or Standard

Rhinelandtech starts a dialogue with the customer about what the customer wants and design which is tailored to the customer's wishes. Perhaps a modified version of one of RHL'S standard products.



Rhinelandtech's approach to the prototype is to make sure everything meets the customer's demands first time. We know the customer expects fast delivery and RHL takes pride in delivering faster than most.



Whether it is a customized or a standard product, Rhinelandtech's production apparatus handle big scale, mass production rapidly. We have full control over the entire production process.



Every single product from an Rhinelandtech production is tested continuously for 48 hours before it is certified and packed.


Worldwide Shipping

Rhinelandtech delivers products all over the world, we only use recognized shipping companies, this ensures that our products always arrive safely.


Service and support

Rhinelandtech offers a full after sales service via its technical department, which can offer support by means of contact by email, or by telephone during normal office hours.

We know your time is limited, so we try to optimize our production.

Production Facilities

All high quality production and manufacturing facilities on one location.

One stop service

With Rhinelandtech, you have the only business partner you need. We have the expertise, experience, high performance production equipment, top qualified staff and a unique network of well-renovated partners where we get electronic parts.

From our first meeting until you stand in front of your finished product, we keep you continuously updated with the production process, we never leave you in doubt at to the status of your product.

If unexpected problems arise, we put everything into solving them, so no annoying delays pops up.

Regardless of the type of terminal, simple or highly specialized, Rhinelandtech provides “One Stop Service”; all processing in the same place, the same staff follows the production from A to Z. Rhinelandtech ensures uniformity and control in all facets


Quality products are the cornerstone of our company. To assure this, we have established a quality system based on DNV ISO9001 / ISO14001 / TS16949 / ISO13485 standards (we have obtained four International Quality Management System Certifications). Our system includes procedures and controls that require the involvement of sales, engineering, service, purchasing, shipping, receiving and management. We strive to achieve “success through customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.” We are proud of our achievements and the quality of our products.

We have established an internal control system for quality standards, which covers everything from processing control to product development and manufacturing. This ensures that we can quickly address problems. Factors such as component selection, placement, service access, and upgrade considerations all are methodically anticipated, rather than corrected. The entire prototype fabrication and production facility is under one roof guaranteeing end to end process control. All manufacturing and component provide on-demand quality records, accurate service. Full range of warranty and service plans to meet any deployment need.

Each unit is tested to ensure that each component is working 48 hours and again 12 hours prior to shipping.

Quality test reports are shipped with each kiosk and signed off by a RHL engineer to ensure paperwork trial for test reports.

Rhineland believes that our success depends on your satisfaction with our products.


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