An insight into

Production facilities

All production and manufacturing on one location

Rhindlandtech is a company in constant growth, we currently have 1100 employees spread over a number of workshops, which together provide the opportunity for all production; Moulding, CNC, stamping, die cast, sheet metal work, surf treatment, assembly and safe packing of the finished product, all at the same location.

From the time we receive your order until it is savely packed and ready for shipment, it has not left Rhinelandtech’s factory. This ensures that Rhinelandtech has full control over all production stages and that we can safely send the finished product to the customer, we have been inside all processes in the production of your product and we always take full responsibility for the product being fully functional when we pack and send it out in the world.

You and your company are always welcome to visit our facilities, we will be happy to show you around every corner of the factory and answer any questions you may have.

For more information about a possible visit, feel free to take contact.