• RHL-BTR is Rhineland's bid for a safe and user friendly ATM terminal. This ATM is manufactured specifically for banks and money institutions in general, and security is top notch. The rubbed terminal exudes quality and security and easy access to all user functions. For more information please contact us.

    Specifications: Card reader or NFC, printer, cash recycler, PC, safety box(12mm), UL 291 level security locks, cabinet.

  • RHL-DPS Exclusive self-service payment terminal, available as free standing and wall mounted. RHL-DPS is designed for businesses where design and functionality are essential
    •  Beautiful, simple and user-friendly.
    • Increased time efficiency for staff, and no waiting for customers at checkout.
    The ultimate payment solution for both customers and the business Part options: 32” touch screen, RFID card reader, Pin pad, Android board, Windows
  • RHL-DS42P is a high quality unique designed wall mounted Digital Signage. RHL-DS42P is a very flexible solution: available for indoor as well as outdoor use, support landscape and portrait. Option for 22” – 65” high solution screen and touch monitor. RHL-DS42P is a stylish and presentable cabinet that will attract attention everywhere.
  • RHL-DS43 is a landscape kiosk enclosures with multiply user options.This kiosk will make an impression on its users. Whether its advertising, way finding or digital directory, this solution is ideal for Hotels, Shopping malls, airports, hospitals, etc. Specifications: 43" monitor, option for touch monitor.

  • RHL-DS65P is a free standing Digital Signage with 2*65” screen. It is robust and suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. The cabinet has several unique features and offers a range of user friendly options, such as 2 touch panel option, WI-FI, LAN port, extra USB port, PC, Antenna, etc. RHL-DS65P is secured with an integrated one lock system, which allows access to both front and rear via a lock.

  • RHL-DS85P is an elegant free standing Digital Signage. RHL-DS85P It is a quick and cost efficient communication channel. RHL-DS85P is extremely suitable to distribute any kind of information. With RHL-DS85P you can easily change your message according to season, Location, time, etc. DS85P comes with 85” screen.
  • RHL-DTT is a smartly styled Desk Top Cabinet, with multiple user options. RHL-DTT can easily be integrated as self-service terminal: Check in / out of hotels, hostels, etc. Fitness centers, public administrations, etc. The possibilities are many and RHL can handle any customer inquiry, even relating to specific hardware and parts. Stable powder coated stainless steel cabinet. Colors optional. Specifications: W48, 7cm, D25, 3cm, H52, 6cm 19” high resolution touch monitor. Part options, among other things: Card dispenser with recycling function, all in one IC card and Passport scanner, PC.

  • RHL-HSK is free standing’s pendant for RHL-DTT. Same style, but the terminal is on an elegant and sleek leg, where for example can be mounted, a small table top, holder to folders, advertisements, cards, etc. RHL-HSK covers the same needs as RHL-DTT and can be installed with the same parts and components. Stable powder coated stainless steel cabinet. Colors optional. Specifications: W48,7cm, H143,9cm 19” high resolution touch monitor. Part Options, among other things: Card dispenser with recycling function, all in one IC card and passport scanner.
  • RHL-LPK: Is a free standing payment kiosk. The terminal can be used as a customer friendly payment option in both major supermarkets, small shops, post offices, and other business where payments of benefits are included. RHL-LPK permits the customer to shop and make payments directly via the touch screen. RHL-LPK offers all kind of payment options, such as coin, note, credit-card and contactless payment. In brief; it is user friendly and time saving. RHL-LPK: Can be customized as needed. Specifications: 32” touch monitor. 21,5” touch monitor, coin acceptor, note acceptor, card reader, contactless reader, barcode scanner and printer.